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You're welcome, you guys.

The Microsoft + SEVEN Hotmail app is working, though the "time-to-sync" isn't nearly as fast as it was with the original Corporate Sync solution Razz described at the top of this thread. With that, updates took place within seconds of doing a Send/Receive in Outlook. Now it takes up to a half hour for things to sync up. A small but unnerving change.

I will keep checking every couple of days to see if Microsoft has addressed the compatibility problem. Some are saying that it's the developers of the now incompatible phone OS's that should provide the fix.

Meanwhile, this works, at least on my Motorola Atrix 3G running Gingerbread 2.3.6.

Quidnon, I understand the Google Calendar move was for the sake of convenience. But many of us would sooner use a second device or go back to book-based calendars/contacts than voluntarily give up any more of our personal information to Google. They already have enough information for one company.
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