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Originally Posted by achillesgk View Post
Thanks but "etotalk" says:

a750 or a780 (from: ?)
1- for cpu which phone do you recommend us a750 or a780
2- when we dedice to update to android 4.0 which phone will work better in android 4.0 (a750 or a780)
1 On cellphones the so called CPU is not just the CPU, it's almost the whole phone. And is true the CPU part is slighty more powerfull on the A750, but that is not true for the reception side, the battery charging side and so on.

If you compare a 2000cc KIA car with a 1800cc BMW car, the latter is still (by far) the better of the two, that doesent mean that the former is a crap car.

2 i believe this is a draw, there are already a lot of phones already upgraded from both worlds.

That said keep in mind that, often, the replies from etotalk are based on their convenience (profit margin, rom avilability, number of phones in stock, and so on...)

so A780 is not my choise, perhaps P700 (ips screen) but it costs almost than ZTE.
practically any cellpgone and tablet is equipped with an IPS screen (or similar wide angle viewing technology PVA, AFFS...), no matter if stated or not.

The old TN panels are confined on netbooks and notebooks where, supposedly, you look at the screen always from a definite direction.

Then there are good and bad TN panels, and there are good and bad IPS ones.
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