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I thought I'd add this an FYI...

I got one of these Monday near L.A. It's a Sprint phone with a Boost sleeve over the top and a Boost flash...looks like Sprint just opened their boxes to flash them and then wrapped a Boost sleeve over the top of the Sprint box. Not much bloatware, but there is a useful version (to me) of the Telenav GPS Navigation that has the voice commands enabled, unlike the Verizon version of the same free program (although the VZ subscription rate is less for the Premium/full version). There is also a half-screen Gallery slideshow widget preloaded that may be useful to me. Free memory for programs is just over 1GB, a welcome change from all the under-memory Android phones usually found on prepaid unless you spend $$$. Boost's Web site is selling them for $79 with the discount and either free 3-day or $5 overnight shipping. I switched over from a Virgin Mobile Optimus V and data speeds appear to be about the same. Very hard to go wrong at that price, IMO.

This phone has an 1820mah battery (BP7X) versus the 1300mah BP6X found in the VZ Droid Pro. The size differential is enough that the Body Glove case for the Droid Pro does not fit the XPRT. Unlike the Optimus V, the XPRT has an ARM 7 processor and can run Flash (it's also preloaded). For the money, a very capable phone, and I like having the real keyboard again (as a former Treo user)...many fewer typing mistakes.

I have a VZ Droid Pro for my g/f activated on Page Plus using the Verizon network which seems to have more consistent network speeds in L.A., but I did get a Speedtest report on the Boost XPRT of around 1500k download from one location which gives me hope this phone isn't being speed throttled, and I did hit the local Speedtest server here, rather than one in the Midwest I'd seen on some previous Boost tests which made me think they might be throttling via a proxy server. The Page Plus account offers 2GB of data for $55, Boost is 2.5GB before throttling at $55 with their shrinkpage plan going as low as $40 after 18 months. We shall see...but so far so good.
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