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This is what i did recently..........
I agree 100% with you about VZW...............grrrrrrrrr

Anyhow.........i went into AT&T and bought the HTC One X. I bought a micro sim card from Straight Talk. The kicker here is...........if you buy a "BYOD" (bring your own device) sim card and put it into a AT&T phone, you will be using the actual AT&T network and AT&T towers. Prior to installing the sim card, just call them and they will port your number to the sim card. Only takes a few minutes if all goes well.
Just make sure you never let the plan you have expire or you will loose your number.
I did this and the unlimited plan cost $45.00 per month. Unlimited voice, text and according to many, they have a limit of about 2GB of data. I never used this much.
No need to have a unlocked phone unless your going to use it on another network such as T Mobile...........
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