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Originally Posted by finndo77 View Post
this past weekend I did a reinstall of my EvenLess super bloated 3.0 Rom (EvenLess version of BO 3.0 plus all my apps! comes in at 875MB right now, zipped!) I had my normal "random" reboot (1) about 2 minutes after the first bootup, another random reboot (2) after I added my Google account, another random reboot (3) while the play market was updating 21 apps, another random reboot (4) while amazon was updating 7 apps (I swear I added the newest versions backed up by rom toolbox before flashing...), which started while there were still a couple left in the play market to update. Then I had another random reboot (5) while the play market was finishing, but after amazon finished. I had yet another random reboot (6) a few minutes after all the updates had finished, I was already in bed and had the phone laying next to me. Then I started logging in to things, I got my Google voice account added, opened Titanium backup to trigger the Pro version, same with Fancy Widgets, then I imported my fancy widgets settings (from within the app) and got a random reboot (7). I think I had one more random reboot (8) while I was setting up some other things. Then I went to sleep.

I finished setting things up the next morning and had another random reboot (9) almost as soon as I turned the screen on, this one locked up the screen about 10 seconds before restarting. Then I did not have another one until this afternoon.almost 3 full days good (I did not restore anything with titanium or rom toolbox).

This after noon I had three all within 20 minutes or so, I was on the phone with verizon for 47 minutes dealing with a disappearing account credit on my old verizon account, within 2 seconds of pressing "end" to hang up at the end of the call, the phone rebooted (10), it was at about 39% battery. When it came back up I unlocked it to send a text via google voice to my wife (I don't have messaging on my plan, saves $30, or $10 for 1k), I noticed Lookout mobile started an app scan on my phone, and it rebooted as soon as the google voice inbox screen came up, well almost came up... it looked like a 3D image from a comic book in the 80's, everything was shifted about 3-5 pixels down and to the right and I swear I saw one set was red and the other green...then 10 seconds later, was random reboot (11). After that I just gave up and put my phone on my desk and went back to work for about 5 minutes and I decided I wanted to run aLogcat and take a look. I clicked download on aLogCat in the play market and the phone instantly rebooted (12)... not happy I was... hmmm?

When it came back up I got aLogCat installed and opened it, I exported the file and then cleared it. I took a look and I can see somethings but really have no idea what any of it was, I was very disappointed that there were no time stamps.

anyone that is interested can view it from here:

there is also a 2nd log, but the first was exported, then I cleared the log almost immediately after I installed aLogCat (I don't know if the logs evaporate if some logcat proggy is not installed, so I don't know if there is anything useful in it.) I saw a couple of SQlite disk IO errors, but not much else of use to me.
finndo77, maybe it's your slimmed down versions that are causing your reboots. or you have a defective phone. Run stock for a few days and see if you get all them reboots. If you are then you have a defective phone. Get a replacement. Obviously there are tons of us that are not having these issues so something isnt right.
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