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Originally Posted by achillesgk View Post
Thanks again. What's your opinion? (if i ignore the cost)
My personal opionion is that I've invested 300 euros on a ZTE U-960 and I'm sure I took the right decision the phone has really few things that I consider drawbacks, and has a good mix of fetures that are missing on competitors (dual radio, powerfull CPU, very good audio quality, very good sensistivity, good diplay, decent camera, spare battery and stand alone charger, growing community)

When I bought that phone the next best product was the poor XT532, so was really easy for me to take a decision.

Now thre are alternatives.

Personally I would discard the HTC because the poor camera and the audio quality, which is (usually) not the best HTC feature, it is also more expensive than the ZTE with a less powerfull CPU and the lack of dual radio.

I would discard the A750 too, I consider the design ugly and the lack of flash led a dealbraker

Personally I like a lot the design of the Zopo zp100, and I like a lot the camera button, which is always handy, looks like the phone is decently supported too.

So my suggestion is go for the ZTE if you want the best, go for a MT based phone if you want to spend less money, wait for the huawei shine if you want a brand phone with a powerfull CPU and biger amount of RAM.
Looking for easy instructions to get your ZTE-U960 updated to the 02B08 ROM ? Take a look here
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