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Caution: Some out loud thinking follows

Oh, Nexi, what shall I do with thee? You drive me crazy. Your fresh OS has been pretty stable for me, despite the fact I tinkered with your code, you still perform admirably. Your features are great and a treat to use. Probably one of the most bug free updates I have seen from android, but you have a dark side. A bipolar radio. You have got to have one of the most indecisive radios I have ever seen. Your signal flip flops more then the foot ware of the same name. You have not been there when I needed you, leaving me pretty much blind while chasing thunderstorms. Other times trying to find quick information has resulted on frustration because your radios cannot hold a signal for too long.

What is one to do? You are not the full package I signed up for. I guess this was what happens when one buys into the hype. Do I just accept you for your faults? Data is the main reason I acquired you, that and that slick new OS you bolstered. But at times you are almost unusable.

I have been looking at other phones, had a brief fling with a Razr Maxx which had a issue with signal in my house resulting in that massive battery being drained. I ditched the razr and now trying to figure out what else to do.

Do I stay or do I go?

Verizon has nothing else that really interests me. Got another month for the SIII but unsure if this phone, your younger kin, is going to have the same issues that you do.

I have been tempted by other phones on another network. AT&T has some nice looking phones. The One X, The Note, The SIII. But the cons of this network is no 4G yet, but I do get HSPA+ which is a step up from 3g and may work farther out while chasing, but I get a new phone number, I will have reception issues at my house due to its construction and thus would require another network extender. I would also lose my unlimited data (of which I don't use much of anyway) and my unlimited tethering which I don't use due your radio issues, Nexi.

I really feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Back at VZW, I could buy out my Xoom contract with a different phone, but what else is there? A Rezound? Another Maxx? I, quite frankly, am not concerned about the data plan on the Xoom. The device gets very little use outside the house. I could get a smaller tablet, a 7" samsung and hope the radio works in that work or the 8" XYBoard, or the new iPad. I could even get a mifi device, but that did not really work the last time I tried it, but a MIFI device I could just leave in the car. I heard those have issues too.

What to do, what to do, other then vent?

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