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Originally Posted by gianmarco View Post
Now that ICS is officially out, I would like to know what your experience with the battery is.

As some may recall, battery life on 2.3.6 was pretty bad. Mainly because that there was some looping problem with the wifi turning off on standby (I believe I worded that correctly).

There was a work-around that seems to have fixed the problem, but I do not know how the battery would have been if there was no issue at all.

Please share your experiences with the battery life/usage of ICS here.

I would like to mainly know if the wifi loop issue still persists.


Edit: I'll post some findings after I download it when I get home and use it for a few days.
Well, my experience is that this version of ICS may not be an improvement, and I'm even wondering if it doesn't make it worse. I've stopped caring about this issue as I now carry at least one spare battery so I don't have to faff around with turning off wi-fi, etc etc. But that said, I'm pretty sure I didn't have wifi on when I worked on getting my homepages organized yesterday. in 2 hours, battery life went from 70% to under 30%. So that's a bit of a distressing rate, wouldn't you say?

I too would be curious on other users' experiences.

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