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Originally Posted by CKwik240 View Post
I've had .905 since it was leaked. Not sure if it started right away, but I've noticed some serious 4G data dropping. The signal at my apartment and school have been pretty good up until this started happening. I've been at this apartment since December. I was running .904 up until the .905 leak. It was rock solid everywhere except a couple of known areas with bad VZW reception. I decided to revert back to .902 to see if the problem resolved. Seemed to be just as bad, which is weird since it worked fine before. I just applied the .904 leak again and the 4G icon has been steadily blue. I think I'm sticking to .904 until ICS is released.
I've been pretty busy since I had posted this, but over the weekend, .904 went to crap as well. So much for that. Got back on the path and installed the leaked ICS. So far so good. Hopefully it holds up.
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