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Originally Posted by AntimonyER View Post
So my phone is not playing nice right now. Have been trying to make a call for the past 30 minutes, and the call ends within 5 seconds of me initiating it every time. Also I just shutdown the phone to see if a restart will help, and it took 4 tries for it to finally respond to me holding down the power button to turn on.

Also I have noticed 3G-4G hand-off is abysmal since I upgraded to the full IMM76K ROM, even though before I had the radios with the IMM30B ROM and it seemed fine. And it seems like the data connection hangs up, I have to back up and reload, to get web pages, and topics on tapatalk to load quite often.

Anti , your description sounds identical to what I have been dealing with on my phone since I switched from the leaked 4.04 IMM30B with the leaked radios. I never had a data problem before and had flawless handoffs. Now, data stops, goes grey, hand offs stink and I had difficulty making a call and had the one way audio happen. I am thinking about going back to the leaked radios from a couple of months ago. Any one else having issues like this since going to the FC04 FC05 radios?
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