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Originally Posted by halon View Post
Two days ago I go to get in my Escape after work and immediately get hit with a smell that almost knocks me on my butt. I look all over for something and find nothing. So I drive home with all the windows down and a/c on. Also, instant headache. Yesterday I get in to go to work and the smell is still there but not as bad. I look all over and still can't see what it could be. I then feel a wet spot on the carpet. Right by is an unopened bottle of chocolate milk that I bought on Sunday. That high temps the past few days caused the cap to loosen and some of it leaked out. Now I need to find something to get rid of the smell.
As a pet owner, we have secret remedies. Get a bottle of Nature's Miracle. Just apply and dab up with a paper towel. Smell and stain gone. If it works with dog puke and worse, it will handle old milk.
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