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Originally Posted by Blackhawk1969 View Post
I have tested a bunch of Navigation Apps and so far Sygic is by far the best available for a stand alone no service needed GPS.. my phone got shut off for a day so i decided to give my GPS apps a test.. nav buddy is ok..ugly.. and of course Google nav doesnt work without a plan and even when it does work if you go outside a coverage area it hangs... so if your in the dessert or BFE then your screwed... but not with Sygic.. btw i have nothing do to with the people who make it... Sygic worked great with no phone service.. and the ability to load single maps for whatever states you need it for is also a plus.... alot better than trying to rely on the useless Google navigation when coverage fades in and nav while it is great when it pretty frustrating when it doesnt which is half the time due to metros limited coverage areas. forgot one thing which really helps.. Sygic also has lane assistance.
i just discovered sygic last week after i got rid of google maps because it messed up my phone. the thing that sux is it like $30 but its worth every penny!
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