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Default trade-offs

Originally Posted by xmr405o View Post
I was getting so frustrated with the data drops where I never had issues before. It's ok so far but I'll test it out for a couple more days. Thanks for the post StealthPanda.
My data drops have been worse since 905 OTA update. Tried the StealthPanda workaround (Thanks). Droid users get lots of practice toggling!! After turning off Airplane mode after the reboot, got a strong 3G that turned to a 4G LTE after about 60 seconds. I'll keep an eye on it the next few days. My guess is that my JuiceDefender will throw a wrench in the workaround. I upgraded to an extended battery weeks ago (before 905) and have enjoyed much better battery performance. I guess I'll have to decide what is more important to me -~~ a day-long battery or a strong, constant 4G.
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