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Originally Posted by HisDudeness710 View Post
Custom launchers seem to be the theme for me. Removing them has made a difference, but there are still occasional reboots occurring.

Also, I notice custom keyboards may be a culprit as well. Swype with the error tolerance increased and split keyboard with some customizations seem to bog the phone down occasionally and I'll get a reboot. I noticed it with the stock ROM, Broken Out, and Nitro's version 0.2.
Try FTL or Zeam. I use SwiftKey on all my phones, so that's not going to change, but since I stopped using ADW and went to FTL, I had zero random reboots. I had reboots from apps throwing errors, but not the random ones. FTL tossed a random the other night, so I switched to Zeam and haven't had one since. It's not as customizable (using icons/themse from ADW packs), but it's a small RAM footprint.

Originally Posted by phillip_viado View Post
its not the apps or rom thats making it reboot its the kernel. cus i was on stock with root with stock kernel, i didnt get any reboots what so ever. then i flash blitz kernel, then couple days later it started to reboot, so i flash the popcorn kernel, same thing it reboots
Sorry, that's just not true. Some of us have been using this phone and modded roms since day 1, used the 2 kernels other than stock and still encountered reboots. The root-cause analysis so far points to apps not working well will the phone's version of Android and/or the data the app saves when backed up. Restoring app data through Titanium or Rom Toolbox will almost certainly cause reboots, for whatever reason.
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