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Originally Posted by 814 htc evo View Post
I'm still having this issue texts arriving hours or even a day or two late.. and sometimes I don't get them at all. Or my phone will say it sent but it didn't or it will send it several times hours later.. or it will say it has sent and it hasent or it will say it sent and it don't for a day or longer? So this has got to be a pretty decent issue and my huge question is where is sprint or google or HTC with any comments about the wallet issue, and the texting issue which both haveto be widespread.. so the question is if and when this will be fixed? I'd love to know that's for sure cause the texting thing is quite a nousance!!
I wonder about mine also and I seem to send alot more then I receive. Not sure if I have idiot friends who don't reply or it is the phone. Just a pet peeve of mine for people not to return a message even if it is to say don't bother me. Guess I have to test .. Maybe we truly to need a software update!!
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