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Morning folks. Happy late B-day Copacetic! Hope it was a good one.

Regarding the status of ICS for other devices. AT&T Galaxy S2 still hadn't seen it as of Saturday. Rezound still has not seen the update either. My Galaxy Tab 7 plus hasn't seen the update yet and isn't scheduled to until sometime in July/August. I haven't picked it up in over a month and am thinking about selling it. It was absolutely horrid with 3.2 on it and touchwiz on top of that. With 2 smart phones, a desktop, a laptop, and a new iPad...the G-Tab never gets used. I've been very dissatisfied with it.

Had a pretty decent weekend myself. Got home on Friday and immediately loaded up the tractor to go mow our plot of mow I mean attempt to bushog with a finishing mower deck...actually worked pretty good, just took forever because it really isn't wide enough. 4+ acres takes a long time to mow without something pretty substanial. Even longer when you have to go fairly slow due to the amount of saplings and tough brush growing.

Saturday the wife and I went shopping and just for kicks and future reference, went to test drive the new Ford Explorer. Very nice vehicle. Yesterday, went to church and kind of rested in between. Sort of a rough go of it yesterday after getting home from church. Had some things kind of bubble back up to the surface that have been happening for a few months now. No problems of either of our own creation and nothing that is causing any problems with our marriage...just some things that are hard to deal with. Just life basically.
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