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Originally Posted by AntimonyER View Post
The story coming from CSRs is that if you have unlimited, buy a phone prior to the 28th, you will not be able to keep your unlimited data if you want to exchange it under the 14 day policy after the 28th. The reason is because those transactions are treated as a return and purchase, as opposed to a swap. Therefore you won't be able to exchange whichever phone you buy for the Inc 4G. Sorry.
That is what I thought I was picking up from everything swirling around.

Well damn. I don't want the Rezound because of several reasons, age and lack of ICS becoming the top ones.

Blur has always felt bulky and obtrusive to me and I am almost always near a power source so battery life isn't a chief concern. I have also disliked Motorola products for quite some time now.

And Samsung just apes the cult of Jobs too much with the look of their UI that I can't find myself falling in love with the SIII.

So basically unless I want to pay full retail for the Incredible 4g I am boned, huh?

*EDIT* I probably should look into it but the plan I mentioned above with an employee discount I receive I pay $75/month. I rarely go above 2GB excpet this past month for some reason I hit 2.75GB.
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