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Originally Posted by D-U-R-X View Post
Having looked, the only stuff I can find is about rooted devices. I relalize that it doesn't really help you (not being rooted), but here is a link, for anyone interested (couldn't actually find the XDA thread I wanted, but will do if anyone needs the link).
This was the first thread describing the GPS file leak problem that was referred to me a few weeks back while I was working with someone on a internal storage space problem: xda-developers - View Single Post - Low Space warning on ICS

The bottom line is that when the GPS is used, the GPS driver for ICS 4.0.3 on the Acer a-series tablets apparently writes numerous gl-YYYY-MM-DD-HHMMSS.txt files into the /data/gps directory. The files are apparently not automatically deleted, and so over time will consume most of the internal storage space. The workaround is to manually delete the files. The files are only accessible via root.

This current thread was originally about a different problem. It has been diverted somewhat into this other internal storage space problem which was discussed at length in another thread, but never explained nor given a useful solution until a little over a week ago when I posted this: Rollback from ICS?.

So, dbldipp, if you are reading this, you can do a few things to get your tablet working with ICS, or you can roll back to HC. This is the short version of what I tried to explain above:

1.) You can work around the space issue caused by the GPS file leak by rooting the tablet and periodically using ES File Explorer to remove any file under /data/gps having the .txt extension. This will prevent the internal storage from running out of space when you use the GPS with Copilot. You can alternately use Factory data reset periodically if you don't prefer to root, which does add some risk. There are a number of backup options that you could use in concert with Factory data reset to make the restore process easier. Either way, you will want to monitor for the condition and clean up before too much space is used. The Disk Usage app can be used for that. To prevent a variety of problems, including performance issues, always try to maintain free internal storage space levels greater than 25%.

2.) Turn off sync, at least when you are away form home and don't want the tablet to automatically attempt connecting to the internet. This will reduce the instances of wifi automatically being turned on when you have turned it off and may reduce some of the problems you see with certain Google apps.

3.) Review your old apps (.apk files) that you have squirreled away and consider not loading anything that is not available and current in the Play Store. Read reviews carefully and just be very selective about what you install.

Keep in mind that Chrome Beta will crash the system, and that when used in certain ways, Dolphin and the stock browser will use excess background CPU and so cause performance problems.

If none of this works for you, a flash of some version of HC (custom or stock) may be your best option. A custom ICS may even be better, because then you may have more options for continued support. I personally would get back to the stock 3.2.1 HC if I were using the tablet as you do, and then watch for a patch of fixes from Acer before taking another OTA to ICS.
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