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So, the wife and I did some discussing this weekend and came up with 2 key points that will inevitably lead us to switching to the family share plans with Verizon when they come out (this Thursday, right?).

1.) The only way to keep unlimited data would be to pay full price for phone upgrades from here on out. Since we get no credit on our bill from not being on subsidized phones, Verizon would be doubly profiting from us on each line (the plan prices that are configured to make up the subsidized phones, and the phone's retail pricing themselves). I just can't allow Verizon to make a killing off of me on both the plan and the phone while taking a hit to my wallet every two years by paying in upwards of $1,000 for two phones. I realize I might be able to recover $200-$400 of that by reselling, but that's no guarantee and that still puts us out $500-$600 at a minimum.

2.) Even if we keep the unlimited data, it's only on our phones. We don't use that much data on our phones and it's just impractical to try to run a whole house's internet off of a couple of smart phone's wifi hotspot. That would be the only way we would be able to really take advantage of the unlimited data.

So rather than wait till the next upgrade to be forced into switching, we will probably be switching plans and losing unlimited data unless someone here can come up with a feasible option that would allow us to really utilize that unlimited data.
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