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Originally Posted by OfTheDamned View Post
Well it looks even more like they are going to be showing off 4.1 at Google I/O.

It could be a bunch of red tape or it could be really poor communication between Samsung and Verizon. It could also be that testers are living in the the problem regions for the muted call issue. No muted calls must mean problem solved, right? Knowing people that work for Verizon, I can see red tape being a huge issue.

In the past, I haven't seen huge improvements with software updates unless their are version changes. On my fascinate they released a couple of minor updates, but the real fixes didn't come until the phone moved from Froyo to Gingerbread. So if it is Verizon, Samsung, ICS or something else maybe 4.1 will fix it.

If 4.1 really is unwrapped this week i don't even want to think about how long it will take the VZW to get it. I'm not talking about Roms built from 4.1 source either, because those mean nothing to me without the corresponding VZW specific firmware to match.

Also we should keep an eye out for a jelly bean statue to be put up at Mountain View soon in the next day or two if they are going to out JB this week.
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