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Originally Posted by simcha View Post
Yeah, let us know how it turns out.

I rechecked my Photon and I noticed that the crack is actually at the HDMI port too. So much for my muddled memory. LOL!

It must be a vulnerable spot. It makes sense since there are two holes designed to be there in the plastic and it would follow logically that if there is enough stress on the body and there is going to be a crack, that it would be at that location.

I'm not bothering with the warrantee unless my Photon really starts showing signs of weakness and it stops functioning properly. I'm definitely looking to upgrade in the next 5 months. Most likely it'll be sometime in November but who knows? So the Photon won't have to hold up much longer. However, it's only 11 months old or so...

Then again, the crack appears to be cosmetic only. I took off the back cover and it's only the side panel that's cracked. It isn't "mission critical" to the integrity of the phone.

Oops, I just noticed another crack by my volume button on the other side panel. It's only on one side and it's very small... Well, I have been unusually hard on this phone so I can't really complain.

Maybe I'll use some sort of a case with my next phone, if it's thin enough.
Me 3, regarding the crack on the HDMI port...LOL. I honestly think it was from the last time I tried to use the HD dock.
Love the G-Note series!
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