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Originally Posted by KupKrazy View Post
Thanks for the Android primer, but I fully understand how the move to SD feature is having owned a lot of HTC and Samsung Android devices. However, that is not how my Galaxy Note works. There is an 'internal storage' and there is a 'usb storage' - and both of them are part of the internal 16GB that is in my Galaxy Note. When you use the "move to SD" feature for apps that support it, it just moves the app from the internal storage to the usb storage (and as you said, leaving a smaller bit on the internal storage). Then there is the "SD Card" storage, which is the storage on your physical micro SD. There is no way to move the moveable apps to the micro SD card. You can only move them to the "usb storage" that is in the internal memory.

The only way you can utilize the micro SD card storage is two ways - copy your files (music, etc.) to the micro SD card (which is accessible as the folder /external_sd) and access them using apps like Music Player, PDF Reader, etc. Or, a few apps will ask you if you want to save the data to your external SD card. That is the only way, at least on my Galaxy Note, to use the micro SD card that is inserted. You cannot move an app to the micro SD card.

I have now have three phones that operate this way where you cannot move apps to the external micro SD card but really only use it as an archive for your files: The HTC Vivid, Samsung Galaxy Note, and now Samsung Galaxy S3 - all of them AT&T.

Maybe it's just an AT&T thing.
I have never used an AT&T/US variant of any android phone, so as you said it's probably an U.S thing. On my Galaxy Note (International Version), while the System Storage and USB storage is separated it comprises the total "internal Storage" When I refer to internal storage I mean the Total internal memory; USB + System Storage. I still however have the option of moving apps the SD card, If the card is removed apps on the SD card will not run. If the memory card is not inserted I will not be able to move an app from the "internal memory" to the SD card. Not having this feature really sucks for me, that's the reason I don't own apple products, in 2012 any manufacturer that purposely limits technology to make more money, will not get my money. Memory cards are cheap, I shouldn't have to pay hundreds of dollars more for the same device with more internal storage that's ridiculous in my opinion.

My account is new, I just found this forum yesterday so I can't display embedded pictures yet, but you can see the following screen-shots form my Note, hope this clarifies what the users on this forum are experiencing.


If you notice in the Screen-shot (export_03.png ) the phone displays "On SD card" at the top title bar, this can be confusing to some, this phone currently does not have an external SD card inserted,If I had inserted my SD card and I wanted to move an app to my external SD card, I would tap the Check box and it would now have a green check mark, as none of these apps are on the external SD(not inserted) they do not have a green check mark.
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