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Originally Posted by dreadnatty08 View Post
Morning Stigy. We're still couch shopping. Couple years ago we got this Ikea one. Funny story for those who don't know how Ikea works, you pick out what you want in the showroom and then get the matching box in the warehouse. Well, we got the couch and then slipcover. Get it delivered, start putting it together and realize we got the love seat, not the regular one. So, we're still dealing with this tiny couch.
Wife's boss got us a huge gift certificate to a fancy furniture store so we could get a new one. Problem is, it's nearly impossible to find one that can fit through our doorway.
I love IKEA stuff, but the furniture store near us is having a July 4th sale so dropping stuff 20% so $500 for a full size (86") couch is a nice deal. I wanted the IKEA couch with the chaise, but it only game in blue, and that doesn't match at all.

Originally Posted by ryancmatchett View Post
Morning all....stigy looks like we have the sectional version of that same couch...and yup agree on the cost of a couch. Jeez.

Also agree with the excitement about Google I/O. Looking forward to what they will be showing.
I also have permission/demand coming from the family to buy an N7. Looks like my future brother in law has been convinced to get one as anyone in the family will be able to beam etc!! It will be great to have a new portable device in the house too!!
Hope everyone has a great week....

Wedding update:

Is it the Bianca from Jennifer Convertibles? We were looking at the loveseat, but for $100 more we splurged on the couch.

I need to start advertising some of my photography work - I would love to try and do some engagement shoots or more portrait stuff. Automotive photography has become very repetitive and shooting the same angles with different cars becomes a bit boring over time.

Ryan - can you shoot me a PM with the password? Would love to see some examples of engagement photography. Thanks buddy!
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