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Originally Posted by dbldipp View Post
Thank you mrhelper. Your assistance here is appreciated. You have given me better understandable answers this time. The GPS using up all the drive space is the biggest problem. I have uninstalled just about all apps that aren't job related accept 3 Angry Bird games my grandkids like to play. I'm not a fan of rooting, probably because I've never felt the need to do so. With HC my tablet just worked and did so flawlessly. Nothing but night mares since the ICS disaster.
I do have a vast collection of apps that I have collected over the last couple of years. I use news groups and from time to time someone will post bunches of them for others to use. I would love to go back to factory 3.2.1 but have had no luck on finding a link for a post to download it any place. The reason I can't continuse to do factory resets is with Co Pilot you are only allowed so many resets and then the key you have is no longer useable and you have to buy a new key. That's $149 I don't have spare setting on my desk. I think I only have one more reset left till I have to go buy it again. The poeple at ALK have been aware that alot of us useing CoPilot and having lots of problems and hope they will allow us a bit of wiggle room on resets till they get the program to work right.
This weekend I think I'm going to find a 3.2.1 file and go back. I've loved this tablet and ho well it works since day one. The 3.2.1 was the best. Maybe next year, after they actually fix the ICS I'll relook at it. But by then they will have a new debacle looming. I might try the rooting first and see how that works.
Once again, thank you for your dilagence. This whole disaster has been so unnerving...
Is there a way to contact the developer for Copilot and explain your plight? I would think they would be understanding (provided you can actually talk to someone who can make a decision).

I understand completely your concerns about root. You are very wise to be cautious. You can root your device though and then just not use it for anything but the cleanup task.

Use of root typically only tends to be risky if you are not careful in how you decide to use it. The risk is lower if you use if very selectively and infrequently. In my case, I only grant permission as long as is needed to do a given task, and then I revoke all root permissions. There are a few methods available to root ICS. I used this one: Full root for A50x ICS 4.0.3[LEAK]. Simple method. - xda-developers

Others use this method to root ICS: Forum TegraOwners • View topic - [ROOT] ICS Root for Iconia Tab A500/A501/G100W/A510/A511
Maybe you can post up in All things root and ask for opinions on which works better. That will also give you place for asking questions as you prepare for the procedure. A little advice: take your time, read everything at least three times before starting, and don't skip steps on the preparation. Most important, if there is something you don't understand, ask about it before trying it.

The procedures are not without risk, and assume that you have the appropriate Acer USB drivers installed. These drivers can be a little flaky if used and then reused without booting the PC (the drivers just go dumb at times), so I suggest that you boot the PC shortly before starting the rooting procedure. I noticed that there were some unexpected pauses in the script that I used where I found myself holding my breath, where things appeared to hang for a long time. It eventually cleared and completed, so patience paid off.

Note that I did install the Superuser app mentioned at the end of the procedure. That type of app is necessary to use root. Titanium Backup is not necessary though, and in your case may cause problems until you have a chance to clean up /data/gps. (I don't want to start any fights on this, but I just don't understand all the excitement about Titanium Backup. The ADB backup function does mostly the same thing and I don't have to give it root privilege. I tend to back up files by just copying to a USB stick anyway. Maybe there's something there that I missed when I gave it a short run. It may be just my mistrust of apps that become a little too powerful. I don't like the idea of giving root privilege to an app that has so much concurrently active functionality. I like the idea more of letting root out into the front yard to bite only a single mailman at a time, and not the whole post office in one shot.)
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