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Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
Learn to drive crash box.

You're a funny guy!

Ja I kind of don't like driving any more

Okay fine!

I HATE driving!!

It is strange... I used to love driving... now I am scared of my own freaking shadow sometimes!


lol EPIC fail!

Yay I am special!

What does grind my gears is when we have a stupid racist corrupt gubbermint that says it will stay in power until Jesus Christ or the second coming arrives ....?????

Seriously... LIKE WTF is wrong with this crazy hell hole!!?

WHY these people STILL vote for this crack pot gubbermint I will NEVER know!

Do they hate us SO MUCH that they want our heads on a stick this badly????

for ****s sake!!!


THAT really grinds my gears to the point of no return...

I am very freaking tired of this blame game saying it is the past that is to blame for EVERYTHING.........

Oh... my .... hat...

Any who.

I don't want to make a scene.

Just venting my frustration with this place.


Why can't we live together I will never know......

We have so much potential but no... everyone has chosen hell.

So sad.
Out walking me Roach Coach ek se!

Brb in 1 000 years
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