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Originally Posted by Kasé Zomé View Post
A Samsung rep was there and he had a white one so I got to compare both the white and blue side by side. The blue as a brushed metal texture to it that gave it more depth and IMO, it looked much more sophisticated and expensive. Looking at both in each hand, blue was a clear winner for me. The white phone looked like an iPhone wannabe IMO.
I also got the chance to compare both just today, and not the dummies, but real functional phones. I tested the international white with the quad core vs the pebble blue T-mobile variant. I know this is not a performance thread, but just to put fears to rest, it is exceedingly difficult to discern a performance difference between the U.S. and International versions of the S III.

That aside, with the wealth of dark colored phones available from every manufacturer including Apple, the white one definitely feels and looks more unique in the hand. I own a Galaxy Nexus now, and the Pebble Blue S III blends in with the Nexus much more readily than the white one. If you want a phone that looks more unique, go with the white one. If you want a phone that looks less unique, and thus stands out less at a distance, definitely get a blue one. This is simply how they look in a sea of other phones. The pebble blue is a dark blue, and thus will blend in with all the black, gunmetal, charcoal, and chrome accented phones already out there. Whether this is a good thing depends on your preference.

In my opinion both phones felt pretty solid and comfortable in the hand. The blue didn't really look more expensive to me, but perhaps it's because I know that the brushed metal texture is entirely faked - painted plastic, in other words. Both phones look very attractive and sleek, however.

Anyone confusing the S III with an iPhone wannabee is definitely confused.

This doesn't look nor feel like an iProduct at all. It's noticeably thinner and much larger from any distance. I don't see how anyone that's ever seen an iPhone up close could possibly confuse the two. Other than sharing a white color (and keep in mind that the vast majority of iPhone 4's and 4s's produced and sold are black) the similarities are scarce. The S III is much more contoured, ergonomic, and flowing. The iPhone has an extensive bezel area, top and bottom, and a round button. The S III as minimal bezel and a vary odd shaped button that's harder to see at a distance. It has different shapes and placements of things above the screen. The back looks entirely different - camera placement, speaker, etc.

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