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BB, the best advice I can give you is to really familiarize yourself with the camera modes you have access to and learn the basics of shooting. Also know your general lighting conditions before you go anywhere you might take pictures. How many Megapixels is the camera? Do you have access to aperture priority mode (commonly labeled A or Av)?

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@BabyBlues, something I found that helps is to turn off the picture preview. Most point-n-shoot cameras will take a shot, save the picture, show the user a preview for a few seconds, then goes back to shooting mode. I find it helpful on my point-n-shoot (Fuji FinePix S200) to disable the picture preview. Makes shooting multiple shots much faster.
+1 on that as well. Most cameras will turn off the preview when you go to press the shutter button again, but that does take more fractional seconds than just having it not show up in the first place.
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