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So... morning all

Still having thoughts on the nexus and the whole situation with said device. Using the thing inside is pretty flawless. Battery is good, even when out in about since I am not a super heavy user on it, unless I an doing research on something or following a storm, like I was doing last night when it decided to act up a bit.

I spent a bit last night crawling around the forums (yikes, I left the comfort of the lounge! ) and looked into the Rezound, Note, S3, One X.

And thinking about the Razr Maxx again.

The Rezound looks like an incredible amount of stuff can be done with it, once you do the "wire trick" and get S-off. The One X can have its boot loader unlocked with some clever hex editing, provided its the old firmware, I suspect the new handsets will have newer firmware so... The limited storage on the thing kind of irks me. The note, well one in the house already. The Maxx, can't stay on the wifi network for some reason, its a common problem listed in the Maxx sub boards. Plus an HD version may be out "soon"

ATT would require the purchase of a network extender (concrete house) to use the thing downstairs. And yes, I do suspect this is why I have some of the problems I do. But I can see other patterns that don't jive with the house with other devices. My Droid X has worked flawless.

The S3, yeah I am gun-shy on this one.

I really wished that Verizon had the note or a similar device. 7" tab too big.

Once again, Sorry about yelping and harping on the issue with my Nexus. Just frustrating when the phone can't keep up with me sometimes.

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