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I'm in a funky quandary.

My 2 years with TMo ends next Friday, July 6th.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to order the LTEvo now (since it's down to $49.99 on amazon wireless) and just let it sit there until July 7th before I activate it. Cuz I'm thinking the account doesn't transfer until I actually turn on the phone and activate it.....

So here's what I'm not sure of:
When I order it from amazon wireless, I'm going to want to port my current number and they're going to take that information down at the time of the order.
  • Does the change of accounts take place when I actually power up the phone and activate it? (I'm thinking so)
  • Does anyone know why the sudden price drop on Amazon? Is there a sale that's going to end?
I'm like itching to do it, but hesitating at the same time.
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