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Originally Posted by Petrah View Post
I'm not sure if this is what you mean or not, but one of my other forum haunts has a cool option for a post in a thread that is the "best answer". The OP of course chooses which post in his thread answered his question best. If you check the thread you will see that post #2 is marked with "Best Answer" by the OP. You'll also notice that post #2's outline is highlighted making it stand out more than the other posts.

[Request] Someone to take over outdated "Improved Currency Datatexts" addon? Tukui

Something to note: when the OP chooses whatever post in his thread is the Best Answer, that post moves itself up to now be post #2. So essentially, the best answer could of been post #48, but once chosen as Best Answer, it bumps up to post #2. The OP can also change his mind later if a better answer is posted (in which case that one gets moved up to post #2).
I like the idea the only problem here is that Someone will come and ask a question it gets answered but they either a) never come back to see it or b) don't care enough to post credit or say thank's. So then how would the "Best" be rewarded?
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