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When I read the contest this is absolutely the first thread that popped into my mind. The Galaxy Nexus was one of the most hyped up phones of the past year, excluding the SGSIII but this was before that existed.

Every single day I would come visit Android Forums and catch up on the latest release date rumors. The newest rumors of what we should expect and so much more. I teased my self day after day about how revolutionary and awesome this new device would be. Everyone in the thread was so interested in what was going to be the "Galaxy Nexus". These types of things excite the hell out of me and I could not wait to get my hands on one.

One very sad thing we talked about was the possibility of this device coming to Verizon. Little did we know it was planned all along. I believe we figured that information out early in the thread through.

I was showing friends leaked images, leaked specs and so much more. Like na-na-na-na when this thing comes out I'm first in line with my upgrade. What felt like the longest wait ever had finally commenced and before even going to work on release day I walked into Verizon and picked up my Galaxy Nexus. Since then I have grown to love the device more and more. I can't even imagine having another phone. Everything this thread led up to was so worth the torturous wait that we had all went through.

Now I am excited as hell for Jelly Bean to come out and make even better use of my dual-core GNex. The SGSIII is a nice phone and all but who needs all that processing power for a handheld device. My phone is super fast and now with project butter it will be so buttery smooth making everyone else sooo jealous. I also plan to pick up a Nexus 7. I really like the size and the fact that it's a nexus.

Good luck everyone!
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