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Originally Posted by halon View Post
I love how on Hells Kitchen that all these people work in restaurants(most of them) but when then get on the show they can't seem to do anything.

Another thing that grinds my gears is all these people that go to Hells Kitchen to eat thinking they are going to get food in a timely manner.
That's exactly the same conversation my wife and I had not too long ago - how can these people really cook for other people but fail miserably when they get to Hell's Kitchen? It's possible that their standards aren't as high as Gordon Ramsay's, but who knows? Some of them are personal chefs and if that's there real-life cooking skills and real-life personalities, then I feel sorry for their employers.

Good morning all, had a power outage last night on this side of town and I'm running around like a headless idiot this morning. Offline printers, downed computers, etc. It's gonna be hot as 42 hells this weekend and I am staying inside. Took a break from bikeriding this morning but will mow the lawn tonight, and ride early tomorrow morning. Then take a break for a few days because the latest report is that it won't get below 90 degrees for a few days, even at night.
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