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Originally Posted by Luzce View Post
You're getting a pretty sweet deal there... I've never heard of that and would love to see it happening here in Texas.
It was a deal for long-term customers on 3G phones with grandfathered unlimited data, and only available before the stinky new Share Everything plans went into effect today. A 2-day window, and my friends who were already on Unlimited Data with Family plans already did not get the offer.

For my next phone I think I'll want a Samsung Galaxy S3, but I love my D3 keyboard too much. I guess I don't need to worry about it for another 9 months while my contract runs out, unless I get a call like you just did, but I doubt it.
I asked about the Galaxy S3 and the sales guy actually laughed at that. Said, "No." Pushed me to get the Motorola Razr, but the HTC Rezound was an option, or a Droid4, or the LG Spectrum, or the Galaxy Nexus (or one of a number of much cheaper 4GLTE phones). Of those, the Nexus seemed the only logical choice, given my heartbreak over Verizon's deliberately killing the potential of the Droid3.

I played with a friend's Droid4, because of the keyboard, but I got the battery door partially off checking out the SD card slot, and it could not be put back on tight until we found a Verizon store that had a special tool. BestBuy Geek squad couldn't even do it, and she was a paying customer for Geek Squad after having bought the phone there. So much for the Geeks...

I'll still have the keyboard on my Droid3 and can hook a BlueTooth or USB keyboard into the Galaxy Nexus with an adapter and a little fiddling. The lack of removable battery combined with the 4GLTE radio's power drain on the D4 decided me against it (along with my embarrassment about the battery cover debacle).

I made sure the GNexus is the 32gig model, so I think I'll have enough memory without needing an external SD chip, which is limited to 32gig anyway.

Still loving my Droid3, but now I can play with the newer stuff too. Might buy a Nexus7 and give my KindleFire to GMa. Her Nook Simple Touch isn't backlit and is not what you would call "responsive" exactly...

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