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Originally Posted by spiz View Post
Hey BH_MAN..

I was at the TMo store today to replace my wife's sim card. We got to talking about our phones (he has the MT3G), and in the process, I mentioned that you had this 1.6 thing in the works.

Well he proceeded to tell me that someone had come into the store the other day with a BH2 flashed with 2.1. He said the phone was essentially worthless in that it couldn't make calls or anything, but that it was still 2.1 according to the info in 'About Phone'.

Think it was made up? Or are there people out there getting close to this? I figured if anyone was able to do this, it'd be you, so that's why I ask.
I may be wrong, but I think its fairly easy to install any OS onto the phone to get non-radio capability (I mean if you sort of understand what you are doing) but the drivers that control the phone chip, etc. is the tough part. If you check out the gaosp, they have it installed, its just getting the drivers running. So I'm pretty sure the guy probably did have it installed like he said. Only wish he was here to help contribute!
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