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Default Healthcare Reform - Obama

There has been an uproar in my community over the passing of the new healthcare reform. Personally, I have no opinion on the subject which is what brings me here.

The reasoning behind my lack of opinion is that I was no reasoning to base an opinion off of. My community -- for the lack of a better word -- is a rich, white, Chicago suburb. They are extremely against any tax increase to pay for others. All I here about is how bad Obama is and how he is going to raise taxes and make the wealthy pay for the less fortunate etc.. So people are even calling him a communist -- though I find that a tad extreme. Anyways, I don't feel basing my opinion of Obama doesn't seem to be the most suitable thing. I would like to base it off actual knowledge, the issues and decision he's made/is making and the outcome of these.

What will come of this new reform, both good and bad, ranging from its affects on ALL people? What other proposed decisions are there and what are the possible outcomes of them?

It is not my intention to cause a massive arguement. I'm just looking to find the truth behind some of these issues, not the biased side (which, I guess, I'll probably receive from some of you as well).

I must end this lengthy post for now. My hands is cramping up being that I typed all of this from my Devour. If there are any grammatical mistakes, I'll correct them once I reach a computer.

Let's not be too hostile,

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