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Originally Posted by IOWA View Post
The United States just became a communist nation.

Next they will be raiding the bank accounts of bill gates, steve jobs, eric schmidt, etc, and pretend to be robin hood. Then business will move out the the states, the states will fall. It happened to russia. Why wouldn't it happen here.
No no no.

If you are in a secure job or rich you are OK. If you are VERY poor you are OK - you have Medicaid. If you are elderly you are ok - you have Medicare. There are 32 million other Americans who are not ok.

SOME have not bothered to get insurance when they could have - but not all 32 million of them.

A large number have sky-rocketing premiums, a significant number can't get insurance because of so-called pre-existing conditions - what are they supposed to do?

OK, what has been passed might not be the best solution but it will be better than the status quo.

What we have in the UK is not perfect, it is state run so bureaucracy does get the better of it at times - but I would rather have that than vested self interest running the system which only wants to look after people who are not likely to get sick.

Helping the less fortunate is not communism - it's not even socialism - it's basic decency. And please don't tell me charities should pick up the tab - it's a far bigger problem than charities can deal with.

If there is a tax increase you will hardly notice it.
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