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I still like my 3DVO but this damn Seidio extended battery is worse than the standard battery now. Maybe I've overcharged it on several occasions, but I've also let it drain completely and recharged it, only to have the same results. It's done in less than a day if I use it more than 5 hours straight. I guess that irrelevant to the question, but it does affect my enjoyment of the device.

Overall, I like my 3DVO. I don't watch 3D movies or play 3D games on it as much as I use to - nor do I visit Phero to view 3D photos like I use to, but I still support the 3D technology. In fact, I finally came around to buying a 3D television to hook up my 3DVO to recently. It's a shame that HTC and Sprint will no longer support this device, but I will continue to do so for quite some time. Today's 3D technology is still the driving force behind me keeping this and other 3D devices in my arsenal, so I hope that at some point HTC will revisit the glasses free 3D technology, either through a tablet or smartphone... And when they do, they'll have a customer waiting for it.
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