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Originally Posted by MrB206 View Post
Wow, I went over that logcat you sent me. Your phone is CONSTANTLY working/running, which is weird and there are a ton of database errors.

You have a reoccurring database error "android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException" and the LG MLT app seems to be throwing some errors. What's concerning is NO ONE on the interwebs seems to know what this damn app does. It appears to be a system monitor app, so it *could* be frozen. But please note, I don't know if freezing that app will lead to other issues (like when you freeze 'messaging', you can't send mms); if you start to see adverse reactions, unfreeze it.
Yeah I was thinking there was something screwy going on. Thanks for the help. The sqlite data error seem to be the biggest one sending errors. Not sure how to deal with that...ill try to freeze that app though. To fix ALL of this I'm thinking I may need to go back to v4 update to v6 and then try BO. I think one of the problems is all that working is causing my phone to overheat and then reboot. Im sitting over here wih a bag of ice kn thia thing to bea able to write this without a reboot. Lol. Quite the mess.

When v6 first came out I wasn't getting thy download so I called Verizon and they pushed a sim card update to my phone but I still couldn't update. I finally had to go through lgs download onmy computer to update my phone to v6. A lot of work on this little Guy.

Started I from a re flash and fresh BO and still getting the same errors as before. I guess it's off to flashing back to v4 to v6 and trying again. Otherwise I can think it must be the Sim card.
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