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Default [MOD] ICS "On/Off" buttons.

Thanks to V SuperUser V for this. He's done A LOT for us Esteemers so next time you see him make sure you THANK HIM for all that he's done for us, No if's, ands or buts about it. Just do it!!!!!!!

This is what it looks like. I love it, it's so cool. *Warning* Images MAY overlap text.

Let's get started. This is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY easy! It looks like a lot but it's not. Im just very detailed. Be sure to check the images too, they will help you a lot.


The "On/Off" images.

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Android Commander

(If you dont want to use Android Commander you can just use root explorer to extract and push the framework-res.apk file that way. I recommend Commander because it makes everything very easy, plus your having to use your computer anyways why not do everything on your pc?)

Here we go

-Download the images and save them to your desktop. Download and install 7zip if you dont already have it.

-Put your phone into Internet Connection with USB debug on.

-Open Commander

-On the right side of commander navigate to system/framework

-"Check" framework-res.apk and click COPY

-It will copy by default to C:

-Navigate to C: on your PC. FIRST COPY the framework-res.apk and paste the copy somewhere on your PC as a backup. Just in case something happens you will have it to push back into Commander quickly.

-Right click on framework-res.apk and choose "7zip-Open Archive"

-Double Click "Res" then EXTRACT "Drawables-hdpi"

-Close 7zip and open the drawables folder you just extracted and open the folder containing the "on/off" images.

-Drag the "on/off" images over to the drawables folder and click replace.

-Close out both folders and go back to your C: folder

-Right click on framework-res.apk choose "7zip-Open archive"

-Drag the drawables-hdpi folder that you just pasted the images in over to the 7zip window and press OK.

-Open you commander window back up then open your C: window on top of it.

-Make sure the "right side" of commander is still on system/framework

-Drag the framework-res.apk from C: over to the right side. Choose "right side" and click ok. (If it asks if you want to update something after it finishes pasting the file just click NO.)

-Go up to the top of Commander and click the red power button and reboot.


-If for whatever reason you bootloop on the reboot. Android Commander will STILL recognize the phone during the bootloop.

-So here's an easy way to get out of bootloop if this happens.

-Open up Commander while the phone is boot looping.

-Navigate to system/framework

-GRAB that COPY/BACKUP you made of framework-res.apk and drag it over to the right side, choose right panel. The phone SHOULD start to boot up as normal within a few seconds. If it doesn't. just choose reboot at the top of the commander window.

-If you ignored my warning and DIDN'T MAKE A BACKUP of the apk, you should be beaten first off. Download the ROM you were currently using. Use 7zip to open up the ROM and navigate to framework and extract the framework-res.apk and push that into Commander just like I described above. SHAME ON YOU. ALWAYS HAVE A BACK UP PLAN. ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Once it reboots you can enjoy your NEW on/off buttons. Pretty cool huh? There is more than one way to do this I'm sure but this way is easiest for me and works the best for me.

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