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Originally Posted by mrletternumber View Post
Cheaper for who mrjam3s? Your wife or her employer? Please specify so I can properly reply.

As for how it will be paid for, most of the money is coming from taxes on tanning equipment and medical devices, as well as social security. There's not going to be much if any additional burden to the general taxpayer at all.

Again, what is being passed isn't socialized medicine. It's a reform of the way insurance companies are allowed to behave towards their customers, and a public option for those who don't work under employers that provide healthcare. Since employers are heavily encouraged through taxes to offer insurance, it's basically a way to provide coverage to freelancers and very small business owners without breaking the bank.

What people seem to forget is that we're already paying for people who don't have insurance. Both through taxes and through increased hospital costs, since they have to cover the free treatment they're required by law to give somehow. Unethical practices by insurance companies have got to stop, and while this may or may not have been the right way to do it, at least it's something.

Right now, not a dime of insurance premiums is subject to taxation unless you paymore than $10,200 in premiums per year. I don't pay that much for myself/wife/son, do you? All that this bill does is provide a way to get money from people who are buying really expensive plans that include unnecessary stuff like gym memberships. The general taxpayer won't be affected by them.

The reason perhaps you weren't getting answers from Democrats is because maybe they were under the assumption that you're an intelligent person that did some research, like looking up the finances behind this bill at the website for the Congressional Budget Office.
Well, it's obvious what side you're on and what side I'm on. I don't believe I can change your view and vice versa. There is information all over the place that supports your side and information that supports my view. You use the CBO info, I do not. Simple disagreement.

There was a vote. Like it or not, I have to go with it. Getting into debates like this is a waste of time, at least.

The only thing I can do is voice my opinion to my lawmakers, then vote.
The American people are a smart bunch...and as President Obama said "that's why there are elections". I disagree with this bill and I will use my vote to say so.
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