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Default Issues

There's lots to love about this phone. I moved to it from a legend - quite a jump up.

Good points:

Silky smooth to use - loads of processing grunt in there!

Very attractive handset. iPhone owning friends have taken note It's lovely to hold too.

Great screen and camera.

25gb dropbox account free for 2 years - I have been making lots of use of this. The phone is set to upload all video and photos automatically. Then I have access immediately from any PC without faffing around.

Bad points:

Battery life was fairly awful (appx. 10-12 hrs of normal use) until i started I changed everything to black. Black desktop, black skin for sms app (installed GoSMS because the stock app has no colour options), inverted colour browsing, green on black for e-reading! Now I get about 36 hours out of it

Home screen jumping problem - extremely annoying. HTC need to fix this asap. Mine also takes random screenshots while it's having a fit, which it then helpfully uploads to dropbox.

Random restarts. The legend was prone to this as well. Fairly irritating, but doesn't happen often enough to be a big issue, so far.

This phone could be outstanding. As it is, the issues are serious enough that I'd probably not recommend it to a friend, unless HTC can sort the issues, particularly the jumpy homescreen bug. SO ANNOYING!

Also, the lock/power button placement takes some getting used to.

I'm thinking of taking the handset back for a replacement to see if it's any better.

Oh yeah, swype lovers should check out slideIT. Same deal, works on any handset without issues.
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