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Originally Posted by mrletternumber View Post
No, Republicans should not have been shut out from the beginning, but let's be realistic: not one Republican would have supported any progress on the issue because of how the party has evolved to work regardless of how early they were involved.
Spot on. Yes, I would have preferred a true bi-partisan bill as well, but one side coming further and further off of their preferred position while the other side makes no moves at all is not my idea of bi-partisanship. The Republicans were not involved in the process because they made it plain at the outset that the only involvement they sought was killing any bill that did not include 100% of what they wanted.

I can think of a number of concessions that Democrats made in an effort to court Republican votes, and I really can't think of any significant concessions made by the Republicans (if anyone would care to point any out to me, I'd be interested to know what they are), nor did they get any GOP votes at all. With that being the case, I don't feel a lot of sympathy for them...
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