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Originally Posted by Wilkas View Post
I remind myself it could be worse, I could have a Windows Phone 7.5 like my wife has, a phone that is so bad it is more defined by what it can't do over what it can.

Bluetooth just doesn't work on it, you can only pair with headsets.. no sending pictures or music, just wont let you pair with any phone, even other Lumias.

No MMS, can't manually edit the APN easily... do a bit of digging and you can get an app but the info is completely different to what is wrote down from your operator.... they also can't send you the settings as Microsoft doesn't allow it.

Can't download songs, pictures or anything.. You have to stream from sky drive, you cant physically download your files.

Don't get me started on the app store, not a patch on android and I understand it's relatively new but still overpriced for what you can get.

No Windows 8 update, instead she's getting a theme update and apps they've made a big deal about but you would expect to get anyway.

All in all I would really think again if you ever think of leaving android for windows, it's style over substance and will have you tearing your hair out
Sorry to disagree with you, but I do. I just switched (last week) from the DX to the HTC Trophy. For 99% of the stuff I use my phone for which is phone, email, web, games, music, the Trophy user experience trounces all over my DX. The Trophy is as old as the DX is to boot. My DX was rooted with Liberty V3 and while fast, it was never as smooth and fluid as the Trophy is. Sure, there are some things I'll miss namely free wifi-tether, but I find the overall experience and usability to be better on the Trophy than on the DX. Sure the DX (and Trophy for that matter) is an outdated device by today's standards, but the fact of the matter is that my Trophy has pretty much the same specs as my DX does and is twice as fluid and fast as my DX ever was. All this with no force closes, random reboots, and all the other issues the DX brought along with it.

No, I don't have a desktop replacement in my pocket anymore. But what I do have, is a device that is far more fun to use than an iPhone, and a heck of alot less frustrating (at times) than my DX was.

Don't get me wrong, I still love Android (hence why I'm here) but for the time being, I'm perfectly fine using my Trophy until I see something worth upgrading to.

I know this is probably not a popular opinion especially on an Android site, but in the end, choice is good for everyone.
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