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Originally Posted by ovrrdrive View Post
Still that doesn't explain why they aren't price matching on off contract phones but they do on everything else. "I don't want to" isn't really a good excuse.
I don't know the reason, but I've formed a guess that it may have to do with terms of the sale or something. I think _maybe_ if you buy it at Sprint, you have to have a Sprint account, whereas at BB, you just buy an electronics unit. I'm sure (as you are, I imagine) that they've covered themselves legally, and that it's all part of the contract handling that let's them sell Sprint phones and contracts in the first place. If my guess is wrong, it's probably related. And they don't get to make T-Mo deals at BB - bet the same set of loopholes can't exist or something to make that all work out.

Just guessing.

And - hiya Mr. Ed!

And welcome to the LTEvo, pasta!

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