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Originally Posted by Dark Jedi View Post
the government cant even run medicare and medicaid and now they want a new health care plan to screw up on. heck they couldn't even run a whorehouse and went bankrupt( anyone remember the mustang ranch?)

what happened to freedom of choice? by forcing Americans to take this plan or face financial penalties treads peoples very freedom. why should I have to pay more for others health care? I pay into social security that I will never see as it will be bankrupt before i will see it and come on I have to be like 72 before I can file for full benefits. Wheres the option for me not to pay in and invest that money for my retirement.

I am sorry you cant pick and choose bits and pieces of a socialist health care and say it will work. If obamacare is so great then why so much wheeling and dealing to get this pass the first hurdle? why rush something so quick that affects every American in the country. How are people out of work suppose to pay for even this?

if this bill is so great. then why not get rid of medicaid and medicare? then you can take that money and put it towards obamacare and then there would be a true universal health care plan. this bill is just a repackaged medicare plan and in the end will bankrupt an already up to their eye teeth in debt country.

funny how the demacraps say they are listening to the American people voice. well their hearing aid must be faulty as it looks like 80% of the people are saying no. one good thing is those demacraps just sealed their fate. they will be out of a job next election. sad to say it will be to late as the damage will already be done.

if you think this is such a great plan good for you. this reminds me of Jim Jones and drink the cool-aid. well the democraps has handed out the cool-aid. so cheers and drink to the fall of the united states.
Wow, dude, I don't even know where to begin with this. You're complaining about components that aren't even a part of this bill. Sweet fancy moses.
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