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I'm not sure if i completely understand what you are getting at, but it sounds like you are wanting to create a copy of an emulator with 1 game built in and it will only ever play that 1 game.

If I am right, then there is 1 big issue with the idea. Every game you install will contain another copy of the emulator. You will end up with many copies of the same exact code. And if you ever want to upgrade your emulator, every one of your games must also be updated. You also have to come up with a plan to avoid having to configure your settings and controllers for every copy of the emulator.

I would suggest a different approach. You can create your program to start an emulator that is already installed, and have it start a specific game. It would be the same as what I am doing in my own project ( Punemu android in the making - YouTube ). All the games here are started with the same emulator, so there is only 1 copy of the code and it can be easily updated. All you have to do different isl not create a gui to select games, but instead you will install different apk and each one will start a specific game.
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