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Originally Posted by neonflash View Post
i'm over in the uk (where it wasnt ever relesed) so i dont really know how popular it ever was over in the states but honestly, i luv it!
The Captivate was only sold via contract through AT&T. Even so, at the time of it's release it was the top of the line Galaxy S phone and AT&T sold a lot of them. And, they continue to "sell" them as "free" contract phones.

Officially, the updates stop at gingerbread (2.3) but I have put ICS on a couple and it runs it very well indeed. IMO, better than gingerbread. But, as it ages, it is dropping back in spec's to a mid to low end phone which in comparison to the current models, you can understand why some don't think to highly of it.

FYI, AT&T is a GSM network and the Captivate is a quad band "world" phone so it should be able to operate on any GSM network outside of the US.
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