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Originally Posted by cluskie View Post
Ive got the HOX however have used an S3.

Got to say no problems with the HOX, am a big fan of sense UI as Samsungs OS seems to look a bit boring and dated.

Ive had no problems with the HOX and had it for 5-6 weeks now being used everyday.

Dont see what the big issue with non-removable battery and memory is, the Iphones have all been like this and there popular enough. It wasnt an issue for me when choosing a device
The removable battery and memory aren't issues for the iphone guys because they have always had more and higher storage memory options than Android. When android was new and had 8gb apple had 16gb. When android phones started coming with 16gb phones, apple had 32gb version. Now that we can get memory cards and 32gb in android, apple has a 64gb model. I believe that is why apple users don't care about storage; they always had an option for more than android. Generally speaking of course.
Ya, they do have issues on removable batteries. There are a tone of charging options out there for the iPhone, external packs that attach to the phone, external chargers that you can carry separately (like a spare battery), etc. That and until recently, had decent battery life since they don't have 4G nor a large screen to power. I do have a couple iphone friends that in the evening do complain that their battery is almost dead and turn off/put away their phones to save that last drip of power for phone calls.
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