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you people scare me, im okay if you are for reform... IM for reform, healthcare is a mess and because i've just had cancer i have a "pre-existing condition" and that needs to be fixed, but the government deciding to giver EVERYONE health coverage is a mistake. they should have taken steps, made it easier for people to initially get covered. but NOW, if my cancer returns which it is more likely too then me getting it in the first place.... then i have to wait to get cured... do you know how fast testicular cancer spreads? i had it two weeks and was already sick, it kills fast, i don't have time to wait for some government employee who doesn't know shit about cancer to aprove my chemotherapy that WILL SAVE MY LIFE.

health care needs to be fixed, yes, but making a mess that can never be corrected because an IGNORANT president decides to bend rules here and there and shove it through AGAINST the MAJORITY of AMERiCAN people wishes is just damn disrespectful. my government clearly doesn't give a hoot about me anymore.

when i finish reading the 3,000~ page bill that was released friday, i'll let you know how i think they should vote... oh wait they already managed to read the whole thing and vote in 2 days.......

BIG HUGE RED FREAKIN FLAGS should go up when a bill is 3000 pages and being voted on 2 days later... WTF PEOPLE< WAKE UP!!!!!!!
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