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Originally Posted by mrletternumber View Post
Under 17,000 jobs. Sorry but I'm a stickler for accurate data. I don't like embellishment especially relating to factual data that is easily researchable.

17,000 is the Democratic estimate, there's no "factual data" yet. what will the #s be by the time its implemented? or a year after? They had the same estimates for the energy commision when that became another BIG arm of the goverment, what are the numbers now 175K, I'm sure you have the facts.

Why wouldn't you be able to afford to pay CampD? Are you poor? Can you not hold a job?

Did I say I wouldn't be able to pay?
Typical response "character assignation" but sinse you asked, I own a small buisness in Mass, have for 25 yrs, so I do have a little first hand experience with which this latest verision of O'bama's bill is fasioned after. Complying with and being fully insured for me and my employees and still trying to make a profit is about impossible. We get underbid by so called contrators that dont carry insurance, it will now be even easier for them to bid even lower, hell there going to be getting free insurance while my bill goes up. This state is going deeper in debt every second becuse of our so called free health care and your going to try and tell me and everone else that this is going to lower TAXES!

If you're under certain pay threshholds, you get subsidized.

For those that ARE interested in the facts, from the NYTimes interactive health care reform chart:

Ahh, now I see where you get your long winded responses from!
Facts from the NY times, now thats funny!

Starting in 2014, most Americans will be required to buy health insurance or pay a penalty.

  • The penalty will be phased in, starting at 1 percent of income in 2014, and rising to the maximum of $2,085 for a family in 2016.
  • American Indians donít have to buy insurance. Those with religious objections or a financial hardship can also avoid the requirement. And if you would pay more than 8 percent of your income for the cheapest available plan, you will not be penalized for failing to buy coverage. (for those of you who are math challenged, 8% of a $35,000 a year salary is $2,800 which equates to $233.00 a month for essentially, anyone who has even the crappiest of plans will not be penalized.)
  • Those who are exempt, or under 30, can buy a policy that only pays for catastrophic medical costs. It must allow for three primary care visits a year as well.
Heck, even when I was 15 bagging groceries at A&P, I wouldn't have penalized.

And if you're a parent of a family and don't want to provide health care for your wife and children, you SHOULD be penalized because you're a bad parent.

Man, so much fear about nothing.
Nothing, Hmm,,, time will tell.
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